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Carol Jackson

Carol’s fiercely protective of her problematic brood, but that doesn't mean she takes it easy on them. Though kind and warm-hearted, Carol is Bianca’s mother, and is similarly quick-tempered, overbearing and always right. Or at least that’s what she thinks…

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First appearance:
16th November 1993
Last appearance:
2nd October 2015

Carol desperately wants her family to succeed in life, as she never did. If you can turn down the volume to hear the words she’s hollering, she actually talks a lot of sense. It's just a shame she often gets people’s back up before they have the chance to realise it...

Carol went through a hard time when she found a lump in her right breast, ultimately discovering that she had breast cancer. After lying to David, she finally opened up to him, as well as telling Bianca and Sonia.

Played by Lindsey Coulson