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Captain David Collins

Collins is the legal voice that Philips can refer to, as he negotiates his way through the new society they are establishing. Collins is in charge of the convict records, so he is always aware of the past that hangs over people.

David Dawson on Captain Collins

He has the power to increase or shorten a convict's stay
David Dawson

"Captain David Collins is a young officer who has been sent to Australia as The First Fleet's Judge Advocate. He is responsible for the colony's entire legal establishment. He has to sit in court and together with Governor Phillips decide on the best action to take on each matter and the level of punishment appropriate. He and Phillips also have the power to increase or shorten a convict's stay."

About David Dawson

David Dawson is an English television and film actor. He began acting in plays while he was at school and was also a member of the Musketeer Theatre Company where he starred in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

After he left school he began an acting programme at RADA and had his first professional role as an understudy to Kevin Spacey in Shakespeare’s Richard II.

David has appeared in television shows Doc Martin, The Thick of It and as Coronation Street creator Tony Warren in the 2010 BBC drama The Road to Coronation Street. Dawson has also written several plays many of which he has also performed in.