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Ricky is a well-educated man in his early thirties who is a senior civil servant.

Ricky is a senior civil servant in the Department for Equality Proofing Cross Community Cohesion and the Implementation of Shared Future Strategies.

He’s a nice lad from Bangor who ends up being the "Number 2" civil servant to Sinn Fein’s Minister O’Hare. Ricky is a cynical and frustrated man stuck in Stormont working for people whom he doesn’t respect or even like. Though he does have a very soft spot for his new colleague…

Ricky is played by Michael Condron

Having appeared in BBC programmes such as The Tudors and Pulling Moves, Michael is no stranger to the Northern Irish audience. In the upcoming, and highly anticipated, series of HBO's Game of Thrones he will also feature as Bowen Marsh, First Steward of the Night's Watch.

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