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Demelza Poldark

Having grown into her position as Cornwall’s beloved defender, Demelza continues looking out for the less fortunate of her world. However, when the Despards enter her life, Demelza questions the repercussions of getting involved as she finds Cornwall needing her own help now more than ever, and new forces threaten all she holds dear.

Eleanor Tomlinson on Demelza

"Ross and Demelza’s relationship is a very modern one and I believe that is why people have loved them as a couple, because they are relatable.

Ross and Demelza’s relationship is a very modern one
Eleanor Tomlinson

"Their lives aren’t perfect, Ross has cheated, as has Demelza, there is dishonesty in the relationship but there is also a lot of love and passion.

"I love Aidan [Turner]; we have a very fun relationship. We work very differently which actually works really well when we are filming and is part of the reason we have such great chemistry on screen.

"We are fiery with each other, staying true to our characters and I will really miss working alongside him. He has been a huge part of my life and a great friend."

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