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George Allingham

George is the youngest son of the family: thin, delicate and halfway to being a poet.

Series 1

In series 1 George fell for Martha, but quickly worked out that Joe Middleton was his rival for her affections.

Closest to his sister, Caro, George found himself torn between fighting for his country or staying at home to protect and comfort his sister her, while also furthering his romantic aspirations with Martha.

Series 2

Delicate and deeply damaged by his time in the War, George lives in the shadow of his brother Edmund but is still closest to Caro. He has wed Martha, whom he loves dearly, but can feel she is slipping away.

Augustus Prew on George

"George connects his dysfunctional family together as he is able to empathise with the sense of aristocratic duty that his mother swears by; understands though does not condone the Machiavellian tendencies of his brother Edmund, and embraces the liberated eccentricities of his sister Caro. He’s a poet with Byronic tendencies, a lover of art and nature, but mostly a progressive who wants to help reform the world around him for the benefit of others. He’s a wonderful character!

Human relationships and dilemmas and their emotional responses are timeless
Augustus Prew

"I love period dramas; being able to plunge myself as an actor into a different time and a different mindset. It’s wonderfully reassuring to realise that fundamentally nothing ever really changes. Human relationships and dilemmas and their emotional responses are timeless."