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Belinda Peacock (nee Slater)

Belinda Peacock has a veneer of home counties class but scratch the surface and she’s as rough as her sisters and can scrap with the best of them.

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First appearance:
1st October 2001
Last appearance:
11th November 2016
31 Albert Square
Beauty Shop owner & Sales Rep

With a few pounds in her purse and an increased sense of her own importance, Belinda has cast herself in the role of ‘white sheep’ of the Slater family. Belinda Peacock often comes across as hostile, but ultimately this is a defence mechanism as she always expects the rough end of the stick. She constantly strives for approval but her Slater streak can irk.

The third child of Charlie and Viv, there was never much time for Belinda as Lynne and Kat took the family limelight or cute baby Maureen sucked all of the attention. Belinda found herself inadvertently shunted to the side and always strived to be different to try and stand out. At 19, Belinda fell for the first man to show an interest and married estate agent come double glazing salesman Neville Peacock, seeing him as her ticket to escape and gain the attention she craved.

Belinda doesn’t like disorder and is always immaculately turned out. Belinda struggles to make genuine friends as she’s naturally defensive. Despite always being ready with a catty put down, all that she desperately wants is to be loved and respected. She believes herself to be a wise and calming presence but actually comes across as a know it all busy body who can easily rub people up the wrong way.

Played by Carli Norris