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Played by Natasha Jonas

Holli can be wild and quick-tempered and is often in trouble at school . In this series we begin to see a different side to her as her romantic life becomes complicated. She has a volatile relationship with her friends but would fiercely defend them against outsiders. Despite her trouble-maker reputation, Holli has a close relationship with headteacher Mr Jefferies, who has helped her through many difficult school situations.

Actress Natasha Jonas answered some questions about the making of the show:

What was your audition like? What did you have to do?

I can only remember the last audition. It was scary. Hat Trick had asked two actresses to come in for each part so I saw the other girl that was going for the part I was going for.

How would you sum up the girls' friendships with each other?

The connection between Holli and Amber works well because Amber understands Holli's jokes and sexual conversations. Hol's relationship with Saz is just like an old married couple. They have their highs and their lows, they are hot and then they’re cold but no matter what happens Holli will always have her back. Holli and Viva's relationship is quite motherly, Viva supports and helps Holli to understand that her behaviour can sometimes be unacceptable and tells her what the impact of Holli’s actions can have on her life.

Which of the characters would you have been friends with if they'd been at your school?

Everyone needs an Amber in their life, she would make school life interesting with her weird conversation subjects. Her way of thinking is out of the ordinary. Also her knowledge of attracting male attention is A* quality. Hahaha.

How was it when you first met your three co-stars?

Mandeep, Alice and I got cast before Ade joined. Our relationship was really strong: we would text and call each other every few weeks getting worried about the series getting commissioned. When we found out it had been, Mandeep and I had a screaming session on the phone for about half an hour. When Hat Trick cast Ade we felt our gang was complete. At Ade's audition, we knew she was the Viva we were looking for.

Who devised those football victory dances?

We all took part, the hamster/rabbit dance was Alice’s choice (her pulling moves!) and Mandeep brought in the bollywood celebration. Hahaha.

What was the funniest moment in filming for you?

My funniest moment has to be the panic attack scene. It was so funny to film; throwing fruit bowls and rolling around on the floor.

Did you learn anything particular from working with Colin Salmon?

Mr Salmon taught me to embrace the moment and enjoy what we were doing as it’s our time to shine. Also he taught me a thing or two about music in the OLDDDDDDD DAYS, I had to teach him a bit about current music so he can get down with the young folks. Hahaha.

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