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Jack 'Jazzer' McCreary

Ed Grundy's renegade pal Jazzer represents the dark underbelly of Borsetshire life.

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Played by:
Ryan Kelly
Milkman / pigman
Lives at:

In wilder times he's been known to steal cars, grow cannabis and abuse ketamine, but in recent years he's shaped up, helping out with Tom Archer's pigs and Mike Tucker's milk round.

In fact he's turned the latter into something of an adventure, befriending one or two of his clients rather too readily. Commitment is not in his dictionary, as many Borsetshire women have discovered.

Don't fancy yours much.
Jazzer McCreary
  • Likes - Music, women, illegal substances
  • Dislikes - Authority, healthy food
  • Highs - A passionate one-night-only with Fallon Rogers, whom he quietly adores
  • Lows - Nearly killing himself with ketamine

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