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Jolene Archer

If ever a name conjured up an image, Jolene's does.

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Played by:
Buffy Davis
Lives and works at:
The Bull

...although it was a stage name which she adopted, discarding the rather more prosaic Doreen.

Jolene's ample bosom has soothed many a fevered male brow, and she finally settled with Sid Perks in her spiritual home, The Bull.

Innovative and exciting, she's been largely responsible for the pub's revival with her introduction of line dancing, internet services and her daughter Fallon's pet project, Upstairs@the Bull.

But all the bounce went out of her when Sid died unexpectedly in the summer of 2010. She seriously questioned whether she wanted to keep on with the pub that had been such a happy home and workplace, until a burgeoning relationship with Kenton Archer put more spring in her (shuffle) step. They married in November 2013.

Kenton, you daft thing...
  • Likes - Country & Western, chocolate, a good time
  • Dislikes - Spoilsports
  • Highs - 'That' shower scene with Sid
  • Lows - Her overwhelming grief over Sid's death

Immediate family

Key relationships

  • Lilian Bellamy - owns a half share in the pub. Jolene has often provided a sympathetic shoulder.
  • Clarrie Grundy (former love rival) - Jolene will always be cautious of her.
  • Harrison Burns - partner of her daughter Fallon, and a local police officer


Kenton pops the question

Kenton promises that his wandering days are over, as he pledges to settle down with Jolene