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Derek Fletcher

Derek would probably like to be thought of as a pillar of the community.

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Silent character
Married to Pat Fletcher
Lives at:

Derek brought his own idea of rural life as it should be lived when he and wife Pat moved into the area over twenty years ago. Though he has mellowed over the years he is still averse to change or unconventional developments of any sort, adding his weight to affairs of the parish wherever he can.

This isn't the sort of thing we want in Ambridge.
Derek Fletcher
  • Likes - Garden gnomes, the sound of his own voice (although mercifully so far we have been spared it)
  • Dislikes - Cats, radical thinkers
  • Highs - Being elected parish council chair (he later resigned)
  • Lows - Writing a poison pen letter to Usha Gupta

Immediate family

  • Pat Fletcher (Wife)