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Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher

Played by Alex Walkinshaw

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12th August 2014
Director Of Nursing

A proud and protective single dad to four beautifully demanding kids, Fletch is your go-to if you need straight-talking advice. A seasoned nurse able to work miracles on a dwindling budget, Fletch knows the names and backgrounds of each and every member of his nursing team.

That’s enough standing around looking beautiful! Chop chop!

In a crisis Fletch faces danger head on and leads from the front. Fletch is an ex car salesman turned nurse who brings endless energy and humour to the team. Despite his executive title, Fletch will always be more comfortable in scrubs getting his hands dirty and managing from the front line, and won’t hesitate to pull in favours around the hospital to go the extra mile for patients.

He’s the kind of entertaining bloke you’d really want to go down the pub and have a laugh with, whether you’re male or female. He’s into his football, his rugby, his beer and of course, his beautiful women…