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Lucas Madikane

Credited with the taming of the Ambridge shrew, Lucas had been a welcome steadying influence on his wife Kate.

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Played by:
Connie M'Gadzah
Lives in:
South Africa

Being a black South African, his first appearance in the village caused a bit of a stir in some quarters, notably with Kate's gran Peggy. But many were won over by his honest attitude and obvious devotion to the wayward Kate.

For a while the pair made a happy and successful family life for themselves in South Africa. But Kate's wild ways were eventually too much, even for this saint. After her second affair, Lucas threw her out.

Come here Nolly and give me a hug.
Lucas Madikane
  • Highs - Persuading Kate to return to Johannesburg with him (for a while, at least)
  • Lows - The shooting of his brother Thando in Cape Town in 1986.

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