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Natalie and Shameema

Best friends with a difficult past, in search of adventure and opportunity

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38, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist from Manchester
38, Freelance Legal/Artist Liaison Manager from London

Why did you decide to take part?

Shameema: Travelling the world has always been my dream, being adventurous and exploring is in my nature. With all the stresses of life, I prayed for the opportunity to get away from it all, to be able to have some time to really think and put finality to some major decisions that we were making as a family. Natalie and I had a chat about it and we both agreed that it would be an amazing experience for us both, especially as we have been through so much in life together. We’ve always been close, more like sisters than just best friends. So, we decided to sign up, not actually thinking we would ever be chosen!

Natalie: there is so much of the world to see in one lifetime - so many cultures, people, food...let us not forget food! I’m interested in seeing and learning as much as I can. I was always searching for new experiences to make me happy and travelling gave me that. I had unresolved grief from the past brewing again, as it does from time to time. I had also just been told that as a result of adolescent chemotherapy it was conclusive that I would not be able to conceive. I was only on the phone crying to Shameema the day before this opportunity came up. It made sense, go outside again to find happiness, escape and travel.