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LIKES TO SEW: Elegant, chic silk blouses and tailored Chanel-style jackets

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Dressage trainer and rider

Vivacious, fun-loving Heather has sewn since learning the craft at school but it’s not something many people knew about her – until now.

It has to be perfect

In her circles, Heather is better known as an accomplished artist, violinist and dressage rider and trainer. She and her husband enjoy nothing more than hosting dinner parties – she specialises in French cuisine. But when the party’s over, her beloved sewing machine takes pride of place again on the dining room table. She makes everything from dresses to tailored jackets to horse blankets and dog jackets.

Heather is a perfectionist when it comes to her sewing which she likens to dressage – “it has to be perfect – and you just have to go for it!” She likes to spend time perfecting techniques – time she doesn’t have in the Sewing Bee.