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Yr Eira

Gwynedd is no stranger to producing guitar-slinging indie bands with unshakable tunes and pristine faces. Bangor’s Yr Eira attack the template set by the likes of Big Leaves, Yr Ods and Sŵnami with serrated guitars and a seemingly endless supply of incandescent melodies.

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Lewys Wyn Jones (Vocals/ Guitar), Guto Gwyn Howells (Drums), Ifan Sion Davies (Guitar), Trystan Huw Thomas (Bass)

They have all the vim and vigour of early Two Door Cinema Club, and are the Sîn Roc Gymraeg’s Rolling Stones to Sŵnami’s Beatles. Or maybe it’s the other way round? Either way, Yr Eira have provided a memorable soundtrack for countless numbers of rites of passage across Wales in the two years since their inception.

They won Wakestock’s Battle of the Bands in 2013, shook the Maes B to it happiest foundations and have toured with Sŵnami and Candelas.

Two singles and an EP for Recordiau IkaChing have been greeted and celebrated by radio like long lost family members. Their couldn’t-be-more-perfect-pop-if-it-had-bubbles-in-it-and-fizzed-on-opening tune ‘Elin’ was nominated for song of the year in the Selar magazine music awards 2013. Huw Stephens played ‘Trysor’ on his influential Radio 1 show. 2014 saw another clutch of nominations for the Selar awards (band of the year, best EP, best song).

This snow storm of acclaim and activity shouldn’t obscure the fact that amongst all those catchy pop melodies are some very expansive moves – exhibit 1: the liquid guitar freakout at the end of Ymollwng.

‘Snow’ storm because their name means ‘snow’ in Welsh. But we knew that already, didn’t we?

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