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Iain Dean

Played by Michael Stevenson

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14th April 2012

Iain is an ex-corporal who wants to take his action-man status from the battlefields of Afghanistan to the streets of Holby. He’s a proper man’s man; a lad, and will always be the first to rush into a dangerous situation. However, his impulsive nature and recklessness don’t always offer the best solution, and often land him in trouble.

Iain pretends to have put his army days behind him, but after he witnessed his platoon being blown up by an Afghan he trained and was close to, he has been left with mental scars that have never really healed, and these bad memories occasionally affect his behaviour. He has a quick temper, and a strong sense of justice that often leads to outbursts. Despite his reluctance to show his true feelings, he’s a caring individual under all that bravado.

Iain Facts:

  • Iain had an affair with Sam in Afghanistan.
  • Iain once took an anger management course.
  • There’s nothing Iain loves more than a bit of banter and a pint in the pub.