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Frank Thatcher

Whitechapel is moving into the modern age but there’s still a place for the old school rough and tumble formerly embodied by Drake, in his fighting days.

Now there’s a young new cop in town – Francis Thatcher.

Brought up on the mean streets of Whitechapel, Detective Sergeant Thatcher is not averse to ‘coaxing’ a witness with his fists if it calls for it. He's a ducker and diver - a policeman in the traditional mould.

While Drake has found his feet and his place in the bureaucracy and politics of the higher echelons of H Division, Thatcher can be called upon to deliver a more immediate form of coppering that isn't always by the book. If he wasn't a copper, Thatcher would most likely be causing havoc on the streets he now polices.

The line between him and the ne’er-do-wells he collars is a fine one.

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