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Chrissie Watts

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... as philandering Den Watts learned when he crossed his scheming second wife, Chrissie.

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First appearance:
29th April 2004
Last appearance:
9th December 2005

Chrissie's love/hate relationship with Den and his children, together with her manipulative designs against those who got in her way, created some heated drama in Albert Square.

Why should I believe you?
Chrissie Watts

Chrissie was a survivor who thought on her feet. And unlike Den's other women, she was more than a match for him. Murder and mayhem followed.

Eventually tiring of Den's womanising ways, she clubbed him to death with Pauline Fowler's cast iron doorstop, burying him in the Vic cellar. This time, there was no second coming for Den...

Chrissie ended up at Her Majesty's Pleasure for her crime.

Played by Tracy-Ann Oberman