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Sergeant Timmins

Timmins is a soldier with humanity, who secretly looks on the convicts as fellow human beings. Everyone knows that Timmins is a fearless, strong soldier, but he is also fair. Timmins has the moral clarity and realism of Tommy. He respects and admires Tommy, even though he is a convict.

Cal MacAninch on Sergeant Timmins

Timmins is extraordinarily resourceful and resilient
Cal MacAninch

"Timmins is a professional marine in the Royal Navy. He’s been "a solider of the sea" for a long time and the fact he’s survived so long shows he’s extraordinarily resourceful and resilient. I’d thought of many back stories for him but the one I really liked, and that that Jimmy really liked too was that Timmins sailed with Captain Cook. There were some ten marines with Cook when he was butchered in Hawaii and only three of them got back to the ship, so I had the idea that Timmins was one of those survivors. Subsequently he has this guilt about losing his commanding officer, so that would set up nicely the idea of how he feels about Major Ross. Timmins is compelled to support Ross even though he doesn’t like some of the things his commanding officer does."

About Cal MacAninch

Cal MacAninch is a Scottish actor who is best known for his television roles portraying the characters of DI John Keenan in police drama Holby Blue and as Mr Thackeray in the ITV period television drama Mr Selfridge.
He is married to the actress Shauna Macdonald and they have three daughters. His is also a keen marathon runner.