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David Aaronovitch

Born and educated in North London, David is one of the presenters on Moral Maze on Radio 4.

Former president of the National Union of Students, BBC programme editor and executive, David joined the Independent in 1995. At the beginning of 2003 he switched to the Guardian and the Observer, and in June 2005 to The Times where he is a columnist. David has presented and appeared in numerous TV and radio programmes, including Have I Got News For You and Question Time.

He writes on politics, international affairs, culture, problems of democracy, literature and the arts.

David has won the What The Papers Say 1998 award for a writer about broadcasting, the 2000 Orwell prize for journalism and the What The Papers Say 2003 Columnist of the Year award.

He is the author of two books "Paddling to Jerusalem", which won the Madoc prize for travel journalism, and Voodoo Histories - a modern history of conspiracy theories - published in early May 2009.