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Aisha Kasim

Aisha was born in Nigeria and moved to the UK when she was 15 years old.

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Inventor and hair extensions specialist

Aisha is the owner of a hair accessories business which sells extensions, wigs and hair products.

Pressure makes diamonds. It’s something I respond well to. I think it’s go hard or go home
Aisha Kasim

She has also invented a hair accessory - a heated hair bun that curls hair - and wrote the jingle to accompany the product.

Aisha describes herself as hippy-ish, funny and quirky, and names entrepreneur Victoria Beckham as one of her business inspirations. She believes that the the former Spice Girl has always followed her passions - and that this has led to her professional success.


Aisha Kasim's Audition

Aisha says she works well under pressure - but will she crack in the boardroom?