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DSI Peter Boyd

A high flyer and a maverick, Boyd is assured, impatient and a bit of a bully both to his suspects and occasionally to his team members.

Possessing overwhelming self-belief, he is firm in his conviction but lets go gracefully when proved wrong. He's not bent, but isn't above bending the rules when it suites him - only ever in the pursuit of justice. Boyd has one dark chapter in his past - his son went missing aged 17 whilst living on the streets in the 1990s. There were reports that he'd been murdered by a fellow down-and-out, but the alleged killer died before Boyd could question him. This tragedy is behind Boyd's drive to solve cold cases. He is also deeply affected by the death of two of his team, Mel Silver at the end of series 5 and Stella Goodman at the beginning of series 8.

Trevor Eve

Trevor Eve studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and has gone on to have a long and distinguished career in TV, film and theatre. He has starred in many high profile television dramas including Shoestring, The Politician's Wife, A Sense of Guilt, David Copperfield and The Family Man. In 2008, he starred in Most Sincerely as Hughie Green, and in 2010 he played Peter Manson in Bouquet of Barbed Wire. In 2011, he appeared in Kidnap and Ransom. He has also appeared in several Hollywood movies, including Troy, and Possession. Since 2000, Trevor has headed the cast of Waking The Dead, which is now in its ninth and final series.