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Dwight Enys

The future holds great promise for Dwight having finally gained recognition in his field. However, the arrival of the Despards comes to drive an ever-growing wedge between him and Ross, testing Dwight’s loyalty to his closest friend and the strength of his bond with Caroline.

Luke Norris on Dwight

"Caroline and Dwight reached an uneasy equilibrium at the end of last series and things are slowly getting back to normal until some new and disruptive characters enter their world, one of whom unintentionally drives a wedge between them.

Dwight follows Kitty on her mission for social justice
Luke Norris

"Kitty Despard arrives this series with this firebrand spirit and Dwight becomes unromantically smitten with her.

"This naturally causes Caroline to create narratives about him being in love with Kitty when really it is just a deep admiration he has for her, for her story and her plight.

"He follows Kitty on her mission for social justice and leaves Caroline behind so it eventually comes to a head towards the end of the series and he realises he may not have been the attentive husband he should have been, considering what they have been through."

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