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Drake Carne

Having finally married and settled down with Morwenna, Drake yearns to mend the wounds left open by her past. The journey to wedding to bliss proves uncertain, however, testing Drake’s love and how far he’s truly willing to go.

Harry Richardson on Drake Carne

"The biggest challenge this year for me and for Drake has been patience.

Drake has to constantly have an open heart with Morwenna
Harry Richardson

"Drake has to constantly have an open heart and be understanding and patient with Morwenna as it is not fast moving or dramatic dealing with trauma in someone’s heart, it is very slow paced and open.

"Debbie Horsfield has written some beautiful scenes surrounding the idea of helping someone through PTSD without knowing it was even a thing back then.

"Those moments were a joy to film with Ellise but it was definitely challenging getting used to a much slower place for the two of them in comparison to when they were younger and it was all guns blazing."

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