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SEWING STYLE: feminine and quaint style

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Renovation Project Manager

Originally from Scotland, perfectionist Lauren now lives in Birmingham with her husband and their 3 chickens. She trained as a physiotherapist but has given it up to renovate a property which she eventually hopes to turn into a haberdashery. Her dream is to be “surrounded by lovely fabric”.

Lauren has been sewing since she was 6 years old when her mum, who was a dressmaker, bought her a sewing kit for Christmas and taught her to make a stitch sampler. She still has the sampler framed and up on her wall. In her teenage years, Lauren made handbags which she sold at church fetes – she still has some of these hanging up as mementos. Now she rustles up her own clothes in pretty, delicate fabrics and has made most of her home furnishings.

Lauren finds sewing addictive but has other interests, including marathon running, cooking, growing vegetables and getting together with her knitting group.