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Highly-strung Felicity is easily excitable – and just as easily scared. She has very high standards and unrealistic expectations for their new student house – "I'd quite like underfloor heating?" And is seriously unimpressed by the lack of creature comforts at the Landlord's mansion –– and the presence of other creatures "Mice?! If there's mice I'm leaving…"

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Really, Felicity just wants to have fun, giggling at the eccentric 'Doctor', and playing along with his jokes about Little Mix – "Do you like this music Doctor?!" But as the house starts to become eerier, the lack of carpets and central heating become smaller priorities.

Landline! What is this? Scotland?

Terrified when the windows and doors start to seal themselves up of their own accord, claustrophobic Felicity makes a run for it and escapes out of a window. But as she shelters under the trees outside, the horror isn't over for her…