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Jennifer Gibney

What would Mammy say?

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Jennifer is best known for her role as Cathy, the lovelorn eldest daughter of Mrs Brown, in BAFTA-winning BBC Comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys. In reality Jennifer is married to Brendan O’Carroll, the creator of the series and main character: Agnes Brown or ‘Mammy’.

I've had to take my shoes off because my feet were moving – that’s how excited I am!
Jennifer Gibney

With 23 episodes across three series, theatre and arena tours, and a recent feature film, there’s seemingly no stopping the Mrs Brown’s brand. The original incarnation of the show began as a series of books written by Jennifer’s husband, Brendan, which were then adapted to radio, theatre, and an 'original' DVD series which Jennifer directed and produced. Then came the TV series we're most familiar with today before the feature film, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’ Movie, which also earned Jennifer an Executive Producer credit.

Before the Mrs Brown empire began, Jennifer hadn’t been an actor for long. She initially worked as a civil servant in the Irish tax office for seven years, before joining the Bank of Ireland. It was here that she decided she wanted to act, studying for a drama degree alongside her job. After joining the company’s amateur dramatics group she soon landed her first professional role in 1996 in the feature film Some Mother’s Son, starring Helen Mirren. We wonder if her colleagues banked on her becoming so famous?

When it comes to dancing, however, Jennifer isn’t quite so renowned. Despite her experience limited to bopping with her sisters in their bedroom as a teenager, competitive Jennifer won’t let this hold her back, admitting she’s "in it to win it"! Citing golf as her hobby, lets putt her skills to the test, and see if her swing is good enough to take her all the way to the glitterball trophy.