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Johnny Allen

Johnny was well-mannered and charming on the outside, but you crossed him at your peril.

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First appearance:
4th January 2005
Last appearance:
20th October 2006 (Deceased)

Hardman Johnny Allen was your typical East End gangster - proper. A former pimp to the young Pat Evans, he returned years later to Walford with his adored daughter Ruby in tow after his family had been killed in a mystery arson attack by rival gangsters.

If you mess up again, I won't be held responsible.
Johnny Allen

Johnny's life was never going to be simple or straightforward. He was always up to some dodgy deal or smooth talking any lady that would come his way. Glamorous moll Tina Stewart was his mistress for years. She followed him to Walford but Johnny soon got bored of her and had a fling with barmaid Amy.

But don't be fooled by Johnny's charm. Gangster rival Andy Hunter got on the wrong side of him and found himself shoved off a flyover onto the busy road below! Johnny then turned his attentions to Jake and Danny Moon.

After they tried to double cross him when Danny set fire to Johnny's house, he hunted them down and held them at gunpoint threatening to kill them.

Johnny enlisted the help of Danny Moon to dispose of Dennis Rickman, making Dennis another notch on Johnny's hatchet.

Meanwhile, Johnny's long running feud with the Mitchells continued to burn when Phil paid Juley to sleep with Ruby. Danny Moon was once again enlisted to finish off Phil and Grant in a deserted forest but Danny was the one who ended up in a shallow grave.

With pressure from Ruby, Johnny confessed to his life of crime and was sent to prison where he languished before dying from a heart attack brought on by a verbal onslaught from vicious Sean Slater.

Played by Billy Murray