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Rumana is a junior doctor who is married to Taufiq, who is also a junior doctor.

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East London
Junior Doctor
Likes to sew
Baby clothes and modest fashionable outfits for herself

Growing up, her family had little money so her mum used to sew all of her dresses from scratch. She was five when her mum made her a dress for Eid and Rumana decided she’d use the leftover scraps to make a matching dress for her Barbie doll. When study started to take over her life, sewing had to take a backseat.

She took it up again once she graduated from UCL in 2013 when she needed to find a dress for graduation. While honouring her religion, Rumana wanted to create a garment that reflected her style and love of beautiful clothes. She set about making her own and was so pleased with the end result that it spurred her on to keep sewing. Now she makes clothing for herself and for her family, including her new-born niece.

Working as a Junior Doctor often means that Rumana has long and stressful shifts and sewing has become an important way for her to destress and unwind after work.