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Brendan (Mac) McGuire

Suffered a heart attack after his wife Kate's affair

The first Father figure of the surgery, Mac could be grumpy and contrary, but could charm the birds from the trees if he wished. He originally set up Riverside Practice with his second wife, Kate McGuire (Maggie Cronin).

He has three children (Patrick, Liam and Samantha), from his first marriage to Julia Parsons (Diane Keen), and a son, Ciaran, with Kate. Ciaran’s birth was traumatic and Mac reacted badly, ending in a resurgence of his alcoholism.

After Kate's affair with a priest, Father David Quinn (Richard Standing), Mac ended the marriage and suffered a heart attack. As he recovered, he was visited by his first wife, Julia who was keen to reconcile him with their son Liam, who had been accused of raping Faith.

Romance was rekindled and Mac and Julia ended up remarrying, but it was short lived. Although Kate and Ciaran moved to Dublin, Julia discovered that Mac has been having an affair . Humiliated, she demands that Mac leave and he is now in Dublin with his second wife and child.

Last appearance on 26th May 2006.

Played by Christopher Timothy