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Justin Elliott

Justin has a number of interests in Ambridge

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Played by:
Simon Williams
Managing director of Damara Capital
Lives in:
Dower House

Justin's influence pervades much of the village. In 2014, his private equity company Damara Capital became a majority shareholder in Borchester Land (BL), which owns the 1020-acre Berrow Estate.

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Justin Elliott

The smooth-talking but ruthless Justin initially ousted Brian Aldridge as chair of the BL board, replacing him with Annabelle Schrivener, only to then later reinstate Brian. He brought in Charlie Thomas to maximise profits and later employed Rob Titchener for a short time in the same role.

Justin's company Haskor would have been involved in the construction of a new Borchester-Hollerton relief road (known as Route B) but it met huge local opposition and was eventually scrapped by the county council.

He rents the Dower House from Lilian, who became his social secretary and then mistress. When his wife Miranda gave him an ultimatum, Justin chose Lilian over his marriage. How will Lilian and Justin fare now their relationship is no longer clandestine?

Immediate family

Miranda (Estranged wife) - a former three-day eventer

Key relationships

  • Brian Aldridge - Now reinstated as Chair of the Borchester Land board
  • Lilian Bellamy - Justin picked her over his wife
  • Latif Hussain - Business friend from whom he bought his Arab horses

Simon on Justin

I’ve grown to like Justin, he is a much kinder more human man than I first thought. I think that Lilian has helped him find a sweeter side to his nature. Life with Miranda had hardened his attitude to people and money. Lilian’s been a good influence on him, his ruthlessness and his bad manners.

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