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Who is Cath Hardacre / Dr Ally Sutton?

Everything about Cath says that she is honest, hardworking and uncompromising.

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Played by
Jodie Whittaker

In a well-intentioned meeting with the hospital board, Cath loses her job and, with that, the means to provide for her daughter Molly. In a moment of desperation, Cath steals her best friend’s identity and applies for a job in Edinburgh, adopting the persona Dr. Ally Sutton.

It’s hard trying to gauge how good a liar Cath is; you can’t make the other characters seems stupid.
Jodie Whittaker

As Ally, she becomes a trusted member of the emergency department and against her better judgement she falls for her colleague, Dr. Andy Brenner.

But in order to make the lie convincing, she finds herself shading the truth — not just at work but at home with Andy too. And the more she buries herself in her imposter persona, the more lies she has to tell...

How can Cath keep hold of the perfect man and the perfect life when she is living a lie?

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