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Fiona Healey

Head of Legacy; outwardly pleasant, plausible, and always on your side, Fi is in fact deeply ambitious.

For Fiona, the key Legacy of the Games will be the lasting and entirely beneficial effect they will have had on her own career.

Oh no completely, we completely get that.
Fiona Healey

She is aware that Legacy isn’t perceived as the sexiest of areas to be in, she’s on a mission to address that by wearing the right kind of shoes and constantly looking for new ways of portraying Sustainability as an even less sexy area – a mission that underpins almost every interaction she has with Kay Hope.

In her private life she has a variety of men kept in a holding pattern so that can she select the appropriate one for different occasions. In general if you’re a man - let’s say you’re Ian for example - you’re never quite sure whether she’s flirting or not. Needless to say if you’re a women - let’s say you’re Kay for example - you can see it a mile off.