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Dylan Keogh

Played by William Beck

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12th March 2011

Dylan is a brilliant clinician, but his abrupt and tactless manner means that he rarely thrives in social situations. He prefers the company of his dog, Dervla, to most humans, although Zoe took to his acerbic sense of humour and has become the closest thing that Dylan has to a friend in the ED. When it comes to medicine, he always picks the most unusual cases, rather than the big resus stuff, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than a medical mystery.

Before coming to Holby, Dylan worked as a country GP. Now, shambolic Dylan lives in picturesque chaos on a house boat with the love of his life - his dog. He often gets people's names wrong and happily makes up stories about his personal life to misdirect people or to get a rise. Dylan is the ultimate cynic, but can occasionally demonstrate a soft side and a strong moral compass. Dylan will always be an island, but sometimes, just sometimes, we see Dylan appreciate the benefits of being part of a great team.

Dylan Facts:

  • Dylan was married to Sam Nicholls when he started work in the ED, before they finally got a divorce.
  • Dylan suffers from OCD, and has had problems with alcoholism in the past.
  • Whilst Dylan’s at work, Dervla goes to ‘Doggy Day Care’.