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Brett Westwood

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It was a pigeon that flew into my bedroom when I was a few months old, and liberally decorated the cot, that set me off on a career with wildlife. That’s if you believe my parents anyway. Whatever the reason, in my early years, nothing hopping, crawling, flying or blooming really escaped my attention, and close encounters with wildlife have included a grass snake which regurgitated a frog in my pocket, and an adder which reacted, not unreasonably, to being penned in tank in my bedroom by biting me. At least I know I’m not allergic to anti-venom.

Many years on, with the promise of a life in the legal profession fast fading, I work as a radio producer and presenter at the BBC Natural History Unit. For over fifteen years I’ve been making programmes for BBC Radio 4 including Living World and Nature. I’ve also presented or co-presented the live series World on the Move and Saving Species and the “Guide to …” series about birds and their habitats. Now I’m writing the 260+ scripts for Tweet of the Day which is a fresh challenge.

I’m also involved with various wildlife and conservation groups in Worcestershire where I live and I still think that nothing beats a productive field-trip combined with a picnic. Natural history never lets you age and those aspects of wildlife which absorbed me as a child still continue to do so. Though I watch adders from a distance now.

Brett Westwood

August 2013