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Katrine Fønsmark

played by Birgitte Hjort Sørensen.

Katrine is still a television reporter and now a regular news reader presenter on TV1 News. She is the most popular face the station possesses. She has a little boy now, Gustav, but she and Gustav's dad, Kasper, have split up.

As a single mum, Katrine has given her own mother more of a place in her life, after all, she needs a lot of help with Gustav. She is still very much affected by the break-up of her relationship with Kasper and has not yet made any moves in search of a new boyfriend. At work, though, she has truly discovered her own worth, and she doesn't fail to hide it.

When Birgitte Nyborg decides to fight her way back into Danish politics she asks Katrine to serve as her press officer; how can Katrine Fønsmark refuse?