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Reg Arwell

Reg Arwell is the devoted husband of Madge who described him as 'the best of men and the bravest of pilots'. He's a down to earth sort of chap with two doting children, Lily and Cyril.

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Also known as:
Flight Lieutenant Arwell
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Reg’s plane was an Avro Lancaster. They first flew in 1941.
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When he first met Madge she was working at a dairy and he would follow her home, insisting he wouldn't stop until she married him!

It’s all we’ve got! We can follow it!

Reg served as a Flight Lieutenant during World War II and whilst piloting a Lancaster Bomber in the early 1940s, his plane went missing. Days later, his wife received the dreaded telegram informing her that Reg had been 'lost over the channel'. But during her adventure with the Doctor, Madge provided a blazing point of light for her husband to pursue, guiding him and his crew to safety. Once again, Reg had followed his wife home.

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