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Feeding Garden Birds

It’s January and while the days are short, cold and often dull the garden can still be a place of great interest – even if it’s from the other side of a window with the central heating on full! One of the greatest spectacles in my garden is the song birds. There are flashes of gold and red from the numerous Goldfinches, blue and yellow from the Blue Tits and if I’m really fortunate, the stunning peachy red breast of the Bullfinch. All of them injecting not only colour but intense activity above a garden which seems to be sleeping.

My affection for these birds is why I have increased the number of feeders in my garden over the last few years. I’d encourage anyone to do the same, but be warned you do need to be committed! Right now I am refilling feeders every day which means I buy seed (sunflower hearts are the best in my view) in bulk. But it’s definitely worth it – they light up the darkest day and as the weeks go on their A cappella song will come to its great crescendo in the spring dawn chorus.

Here's some advice on feeding garden birds from the RSPB.

• Birds need to feel safe, so make sure your feeder/feeding station is near a tree or shrub
• For a variety of birds try and put out a variety of feed i.e. niger seed for Goldfinches, peanuts for Blue Tits and meal worms for Robins
• Clean your feeders regularly to prevent any spread of disease
• Have a clean water source nearby, for drinking and cleaning of feathers
• Putting out food little and often is better and will prevent attracting unwanted animals