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Lucy Beale

One half of the Beale twins, Lucy had a short but eventful life. With a mum like Cindy Beale, that was only to be expected.

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First appearance:
16th December 1993
Last appearance:
18th April 2014 (deceased)

Lucy’s been held hostage, mugged, run away from home and put the frighteners on Christian and Syed, not to mention making life as difficult as possible for Ian's various love interests.

You're going to regret this
Lucy Beale
  • Allergies: Fabric softener
  • Hobbies/Interests: She enjoys shopping, making money and spending money.
  • Qualifications: Lucy cheated on her GCSEs and had to retake them.

In spite of her constant need to rebel, Lucy loved her dad and brothers dearly and was fiercely protective of her family. She played a key role in ending her dad's relationship with Mandy Salter for this very reason.

Ian's subsequent breakdown and disappearance left Lucy holding the fort, and, since his return, she was determined not to relinquish control. Having persuaded Ian to sign all his assets over to her, Lucy was the proud owner of Ian’s house, Beale’s Plaice, Cindy’s Café, the fruit and veg stall. She was also the landlady of 15a Turpin Road and 89b George Street. However, Ian decided it was time to regain control of the businesses he had built up, and at a vulnerable moment, tricked Lucy into signing them back over to him.

Lucy didnt' have much luck in love but she thought everything had changed when Joey Branning came into her life. However, her happiness was short-lived when she realised that Joey had fallen in love with his cousin, and Lucy's former BFF, Lauren.

Since then, relations between the two girls had been strained, with Lucy never missing an opportunity to pull Lauren up on her faults in front of Joey. But when Lauren and Joey finally split up, Lucy made sure she was on hand as a shoulder to cry on, and the pair soon found themselves starting a brand new business together - LB Lettings. With lucy sleeping with Laurens dad, Max, and dabbling with drugs, the pair's business partnership didn't last long. Soon after, Lucy was dead on Walford Common. But how? And why?

Hetti Bywater

  • Hetti was brought up on the Sussex coast
  • Hetti's film credits include the young Sally in Counting Backwards
  • She's also appeared in Doctors and Casualty
  • Hetti's theatre credits include 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'