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David, worked in retail for 2 years before realising that his heart lay in farming, so he returned to the countryside to help run the family business. Now he’s looking for Mr Right.

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Dairy Farmer
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Singing & socialising with friends
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Dairy Farmer David is looking for someone like-minded to join him on the family farm.

David says...

"It does make it harder as a gay farmer, because there aren’t many of us around here!”

My family have been farmers, probably since Noah had the Ark!

“I worked away from the farm for 2 years, it was fun but wasn’t for me, I missed the farm and the lifestyle that it has to offer.“

"Where I live is very rural and so I have to use dating apps. There’s only so far you can extend your search area before you need a passport to meet someone”

“I do like to sing around the farm the cows are my willing audience, they don’t run away.... they don’t have a choice.”