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Kitty is a sweet urchin who sees the last great Frost Fair of 1814 as an opportunity to earn a few extra coins from unsuspecting revellers. But when she meets the Doctor and Bill out on the ice, she soon gets a lot more than she bargained for!

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Fifteen year old Kitty is a surrogate mother to homeless orphans Harriet, Perry, Spider and Dot. Living in a dilapidated slum, the urchins try to make money by conning people attending the Frost Fair with their ‘have you seen my dog?’ routine. Kitty also enters into an agreement with Dowell – in reality one of Lord Sutcliffe’s men – to help draw people onto the frozen River Thames in exchange for cash.

Please, sir. Have you seen my dog?

When the Doctor and Bill discover a giant sea snake living under the ice, Kitty’s knowledge of Dowell helps to lead them to Lord Sutcliffe, the man responsible for enchaining the creature in the Thames. Later, when the Doctor attempts to free the creature from its prison so that Sutcliffe cannot feed any more people to it, Kitty and her gang help Bill to clear the Frost Fair before Sutcliffe detonates an explosive on the ice.

With the creature liberated and the Thames ice broken up, Bill – herself an orphan and massively moved by the squalid conditions under which the children are living – persuades the Doctor to forge documents that allow Perry to inherit Lord Sutcliffe’s estate. To Bill’s delight, Kitty and her adopted family are now able to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.