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A strong minded member of the male convicts, who Tommy knows will keep order. Spragg would be the political leader of the convicts, if they had that kind of structure, but he knows that Tommy holds the hearts and minds of the group. Spragg knows that he can use Tommy’s respect and charisma to further their ends.

Nick Moss on Spragg

Spragg is a believer in the common good
Nick Moss

"He always seeks social justice and has a strong moral compass, which is ironic because he’s now found himself in a world of criminality. It means that when it comes to living in the camp his story is all to do with the politics of the camp. He is a believer in the common good, and he instigates a kind of protest against the amount of food that the convicts are receiving. Of course, the truth this that this isn’t a place for principles - it’s a place of opportunism, foraging, survival and making do."

About Nick Moss

Nick Moss is an English actor and director. He has starred in the films Hercules, Mean Machine and Going Off Big Time.