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Chloe is a curious and intelligent young teenager.

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Played by:
Markella Kavenagh

She has the tenacity and vigour once possessed by Alexandra and she will not be told what to do or think by anyone.

She is popular and out-going but lately she has been in trouble at school, a consequence of growing pains and the recent uncertainty over her future, prompted by the looming custody case. She misses her dad and wants desperately for them to be together as a family again but is also steadfastly loyal to her mum.

But Chloe also has a more child-like side. She can act like a lion or a little girl. She takes the tragedy hard. Determined to find the truth, she helps orchestrate a social media campaign that could destroy her own parents.

Markella Kavenagh on Chloe’s struggle to connect with anyone except missing baby Noah

Markella Kavenagh on the turmoil her charcter Chloe feels in The Cry.

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