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Jean Slater

Possessed of Walford's most impressive cardigan collection, and inventor of such noted culinary creations as Sausage Surprise! and Jean's Fishy Basket, Jean Slater is a true Walford icon.

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First appearance:
16th December 2004
Cook / barmaid

She's had her fair share of setbacks - her ongoing battle with bipolar disorder, her difficult relationship with son Sean and, of course, adjusting to life without Stacey and granddaughter Lily. But don't be fooled into thinking that Jean's a pushover. She can be tough - she's had to be to get where she is today.

After meeting Ollie, and realising she had well and truly fallen in love, Jean finally threw caution to the wind and departed Walford with Ollie. But with Stacey banged up, Jeans back!


Jean Slater character trail

Fragile Jean is fighting an ongoing battle against mental illness. Daughter Stacey was has always there, but son Sean has deep-rooted issues with his mother.