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Sonia Fowler

Trumpet-playing Sonia was always the odd-one-out of the Jackson clan, but she is fiercely loyal and not afraid to stand up to bullies!

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First appearance:
21st December 1993
Nurse (Geriatric)

The third child of a very dysfunctional family, Sonia never knew her real dad - but her mum Carol always doted on her. During her mother’s fight against cancer, Sonia stood by Carol’s side and showed nothing but support. She gets on well with ex-husband Martin, and is nothing but a devoted parent to their daughter Bex. Sonia was on hand to help out Martin during Stacey’s postpartum psychosis and helped out regularly with baby Arthur.

Sonia is currently in a relationship with Tina Carter, who lives with Sonia and Bex.

Sonia’s stoic, capable, level-headed and practical. She’s a workaholic and an all-round good mum.

Played by Natalie Cassidy