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Ochuko Ojiri

How do you find life on the road?

Every time you set out it’s an adventure with endless possibilities. When I find something I love my heart pounds. There’s no other feeing like it!

What is your favourite part of your role?

Meeting new people and breathing new life and context into forgotten and neglected treasures.

Why did you choose a career in antiques?

No other industry would accept my rare mixture of sarcasm, cynicism and passion. Haha!

What would you do for a living if you weren’t working in the antiques trade?

I love people who forecast trends, what an incredible job. You’re literally looking into the future deciding what you’ll eat before you’re even hungry. Mind blowing.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to work in antiques?

Forget all the rules and buy what you love. The chances are someone else will love it too.

How did you get involved in Bargain Hunt?

I have absolutely no idea! I’m excited and scared!!

Who has been your most memorable Bargain Hunt team?

Without question Bez and Rowetta. Legends.

What has been your best ever Bargain Hunt find?

I’ve had a few over the years, I remember buying a box of tiny Victorian china dolls. Creepy and beautiful. Not to everyone’s taste, but I did very well with them!

Which fairs do you particularly like shopping at when ‘bargain hunting’?

Italian Markets are great for designer vintage clothes so I spend a bit of time there. Spitalfields on a Thursday, Kempton and of course Ardingly.

What’s the most profit / greatest loss you’ve made at auction?

I did very well with a flamingo pink 1950’s petrol can and very poorly with a opera hat which folds down so the people behind you can see the action. Turns out people don’t wear top hats to the opera anymore…who knew!

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Reality TV, I love it!

How do you spend your free time?

Eating pastries and drinking red wine.

Do you collect anything?

Contemporary art, paintings, prints, sculpture and drawings. I’m absolutely obsessed, in love and infatuated.

Why do you think Bargain Hunt has such appeal?

Who doesn’t like a bargain? I certainly do! I also love the passion of the contestants and their many likes and dislikes.

Why would you encourage anyone to appear on Bargain Hunt?

You can’t always watch from the sidelines, come along get involved. I can also guarantee that if you're on my team you’ll get the golden gavel! Haha.