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Alex Lovell


"There never was a master plan for my career," says Alex. "Other than to work hard, enjoy it and make the most of opportunities as they came along - but in the event it has followed a logical sequence."

The result has been a long, hard apprenticeship with a rich variety of experience. After working on a live shopping channel, Alex became host to Channel Five's Brainteaser.

By now, her work was centred in Bristol and she was spending more and more time away from her base in London, so Points West became part of her routine relaxation after work.

"When I heard there was an opportunity to join the team, I put in an immediate application. The BBC has always represented, for me, the peak of my ambition and I was ready for another sharp learning curve, this time into the field of journalism. I thought I could demonstrate the dedication and experience necessary to do the job and was over the moon to be given the chance to prove it," says Alex.

She especially enjoys the job when she has the chance to interact with West Country viewers. "They certainly know their own minds and provide the most wonderful responses," adds Alex.