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Chelsea Fox

Although beautician Chelsea gave the impression that a broken nail was enough to leave her incapacitated for a week, she suffered more real hardship than most. But like her mother Denise, she always picks herself up and keeps fighting...

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First appearance:
2nd May 2006
Last appearance:
5th August 2010

´╗┐Chelsea felt like the black sheep of the family. She couldn't pass the academic criteria to go to Oxford like sister Libby, but she had more brains than people gave her credit for.

Maybe you could take me out for a drink some time.
Chelsea Fox

Though on the surface she was vain, indulged, and argumentative, this was a cover - she wasn't as tough as she made out.

Chelsea had several romances on the Square - Grant Mitchell, Sean Slater, Dr Al Jenkins and Jack Branning to name a few - but she never found true love.

When her father Lucas came back into her life, Chelsea could have been forgiven for thinking that the normal life she craved was just round the corner.

However, Lucas was a murderer, accidentally killing his ex Trina and deliberately killing Denise's ex Owen - he then held Denise hostage and faked her death. When Denise escaped and Lucas was convicted, Chelsea struggled to live a normal life.

She decided to leave Walford for sunnier climes, where we hope she's found the peace and normality that she always dreamed of.

Played by Tiana Benjamin