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Wayne Tucson

Like his ex-wife, Jolene Archer, for years guitarist Wayne scratched a living on the British country music circuit, but the call of the road was stronger than his duties as a parent.

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Played by:
Clive Wood
Unemployed baker, one-time musician

His daughter Fallon saw him only rarely until 2009, when she found him homeless, drunk and self-pitying. With her mother’s help Wayne got slowly got back on his feet and into a job in his other trade as a baker.

For a while, he and Fallon had a better relationship than they'd had for many years. But he sorely tested her tolerance when he was caught dealing cannabis at the Loxfest festival. As a result, he lost his job and his long-suffering girlfriend Emmy.

I know I've not been the best dad...
Wayne Tucson
  • Likes - Country and Western music
  • Dislikes - Not being able to make a living at Country and Western music
  • Highs - Re-establishing a relationship with Fallon
  • Lows - Emmy throwing him out when his drinking got too bad

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