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Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin chooses Solid Air by John Martyn

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Best-selling Scottish crime-writer whose books include the Inspector Rebus novels

Solid Air by John Martyn

Ian Rankin chooses the 1973 album Solid Air by the British singer-songwriter and guitarist John Martyn.

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John Martyn

John Wilson interviews John Martyn and his collaborator Danny Thompson for Front Row shortly before his death in 2009.

From Front Row 09 Feb 2009 on Radio 4

Phil Collins

Phil Collins, Martyn's friend and occasional producer, presents him with a lifetime achievement award at the BBC Folk Awards in 2008.

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Ralph McTell

The folk music veteran Ralph McTell on seeing a 19 year old John Martyn perform in Soho.

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Ian Rankin revisits his first unpublished novel.

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